4 Epic Event Inspirations

The event industry is booming. And it’s no surprise why: People love celebrating! After having experienced the pandemic and worldwide lockdown, people are valuing In Real Life Events more than ever—people want an excuse, any excuse, to get together with friends, family co-workers and business interests. 

We at Experience Epic Events are here to help you make those celebrations unforgettable with our selection of event inspirations that will leave your guests talking for weeks afterward. We’ve got four epic event inspirations that will make any occasion spectacular:


Inspired by Music – 

Whether you are centering your theme around a specific music genre like reggae, classical or pop, OR if you are looking at music through the ages, Sounds incite a specific emotional connection to one’s life experiences.  Creating an entertainment component that takes center stage such as a dueling pianos creates the most interactive and fun experience for your future memorable event! 


Inspired by the Future – 

Robotics and Technology are the future.  Fully embracing this theme can lend itself to truly innovative moments within your event.  Incorporating futuristic food service is just one example.  With fusion cuisine and dry ice you can only imagine the possibilities in tantalizing the taste buds.  Our approach would be multi-pronged.  Utilization of laser lighting, futuristic LED masks for service staff and maybe even a drone light show would be some of our suggestions to make this theme come to life. 


Inspired by Outer Space – 

Elon Musk doesn’t have to be the only person with a vision for Mars!  You and your guests could experience Mars here right on earth.  Experiencing Zero-gravity while sipping astronaut-inspired cocktails you will have created an epically immersive moment for your guests.  PErhaps it is the Galaxy they are surrounded by, from floor to ceiling light installations and cocktails that swirl like the milky-way!  The sky is literally the limit!  


Inspired by Contemporary Art – 

Contemporary Art is an inspiration for so many industries…including the Events Industry! Thought-provoking, memorable, emotional and controverisal (at times).  Contemporary Art inspires events through their ability to incite these attributes through the senses. Jackson Pollack splashes of paint, Van Gogh’s Starry Night and even Louise Bourgeois’ giant spider installations can inspire entire event installations that pay homage to these great artists and their artistic intent.   


At Experience Epic, we’re committed to creating unforgettable experiences that bring people together, build connections, and make memories that last a lifetime. From our innovative event designs to our impeccable service and amenities, every aspect of your experience within our events is designed to make you feel like you’ve entered a place where the ordinary doesn’t exist.

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