4 Ways to Make Money and Find New Clients Using Event Experiences

Considering implementing an event experience or activation within your marketing & sales strategy? The economic boost that an event can create for your company by injecting cash while also leveraging the residual assets can make or break the financial success of your business. I mean, who doesn’t want a cash injection during your low or slow months? Read on to learn more about how these methods can help you earn revenue in your next event!

1) Direct Sales
Events are great direct-sales opportunities: selling merchandise at event pop-ups, booths, or mobile carts can net you revenue with little overhead and small startup costs. You can even offer your product or service as part of a package deal with other vendors or the event itself. People like buying in person, so they’re likely to be interested in your products if you’re offering them face-to-face. How often do you get XYZ number of clients walking past your product or engaging with your product in a dynamic way? Events are the perfect foundation for targeting your specific demographic and ideal client.

2) Data Gathering
Getting consumer feedback is important, but ensuring that you’re getting actionable insights is even more critical. Getting consumers together at events and asking them directly how they’d feel about your product can give you incredible insight into their perceptions of your brand and how it aligns with their needs.
No one likes to buy a “cold” sales list to “spray and pray” with your messaging. Events allow you to gather important data about each potential and willing client such as social media channels, emails, mobile phone numbers etc. Your company can then connect with the attendee through their preferred method and the bonus is they are expecting to hear from you making the digital engagement more successful.

3) Building Strong Client Relationships
Building strong client relationships can mean two things: Not only do you need to form long-lasting, productive relationships with your clients, but you also need to form them in a way that benefits your brand. To do so, turn event experiences into opportunities for interaction. Start building stronger client relationships through brand-centric experiences that excite your clients. Whether it’s taking a small group of your best clients on a helicopter ride to enjoy dinner in a different city or hosting an exclusive and interactive workshop with an aspirational leader or speaker, if it’s an opportunity for interaction then it can be used as a strong marketing tool. In fact, event experiences have been proven to increase customer loyalty by up to 80 percent! That’s because they create meaningful moments between brands and their consumers—moments that are memorable and ultimately valuable. When these moments are shared online via social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more—they become even greater marketing tools. Use these moments wisely!

4) Brand Alignment
Many micro brands who know their target demographic have a great opportunity to leverage and share with other well-known brands who are in alignment with their ideal client. Our company has hosted events with three to five brands whom invite their best clients to an exclusive experience allowing for the other brands to interact with their ideal client without having to source and start a new relationship from scratch. These aligning experiences up-level a brand and allow for a direct engagement with other clients that are not already on your list.


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