6 Tips for How to Find Epic Event Ideas

It’s true what they say, ideas are worth their weight in gold – and when you’re in the events business, that saying is truer than ever! Having creative event ideas can help you stand out from the crowd and attract new attendees to your next show or conference. So how do you come up with fresh ideas? Use these 6 tips for how to find epic event ideas!

1) Unique Restaurant Experiences
When planning your next event, consider your food experience as a top priority. The Culinary component of your event can sit center stage to the event program….forefront themes such as a fondue or crawfish boil. Today’s dining experiences in restaurants has become more and more competitive providing event planners with a plethora of tested concepts and presentations. Seek inspiration in your everyday and specialty dining experiences and bring these ideas into your event.

2) Well-Attended Large Scale Events
Large scale events are definitely not for everyone…however, they do have create excitement and intrigue around a central theme….Think of the Cherry Blossom Festival, featuring cherry blossom trees during their bloom. This event could provide inspiration as to your floral and color palette decisions. What is your favorite large scale event experience and what details within that event could you incorporate into your event program or decor?

3) Stages and Buskers
Entertainment is everywhere! Your radio, buskers on the street, local dive bars, large concert halls and stages all provide you with great inspiration for your next event. The Entertainment can be incorporated in a small way like a roaming magician OR you could bring it o the center stage of your event. You may not be able to have Andrea Bocelli, but you could have a local opera singer who could bring that classic vibe to your event.

4) Children’s Games
Remember some of your favorite games as a child? Tag, Jenga, Putt Putt, running races, Twister and playing catch all bring people together. The competition, the strategy, the new partnerships generated out of the implementation of your friendly game can make indelible impacts on the success of your event. With the burden of activity and conversation taken off your guests, the opportunity for others to be brought to their child like state and at the same time connect with others more easily grows immensely.

5) Tickle the Tongue
The spirits industry has become super dynamic over the story brand that is created through the many many beverages on the market. Whether there is an alcohol-free mocktail component, Cocktails as artworks in their presentation, or the pairing of an exclusive vintage liquor or wine with some exceptional cuisine, there are many options and methods in which to find inspiration in bringing your event to the next level.

6) Museums and Galleries
At Experience Epic we consider ourselves Avant Garde when we are operating in our highest best self as a company. Where do we find our inspiration, Museums, galleries, fine art, and creating art ourselves. The left brain engagement is important for our team to keep inspired as we operate so much in our right brain. Some of our favorite collections are in the modern art and contemporary art collections in Miami and New York City.


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