A Simple Guide to Planning an EPIC Celebration

Finding the perfect party venue isn’t enough to guarantee an EPIC celebration – you also need to plan activities that get your guests engaged and excited about the festivities, and celebrate in style! Whether you are planning a birthday party, cocktail party, or other celebration, these tips will help you create awesome activities that your guests will love.

1) Choose an Event Type
You’ve got a birthday party coming up, but where do you begin? How do you put together a memorable celebration that’s centered around you and your guests? With a cocktail party! No matter what type of guest list you have—be it small, large, or somewhere in between—having a clear event type helps you pull off and epic experience and all the more entertaining for your guests.

2) Create an Immersive Environment
Aside from the obvious of food, drink and entertainment, there is plenty of options to delight your guests when it comes to your decisions in decor. If you want your party to be memorable, choose decorations that are relevant, dynamic and exciting. Decorations are not just linens and silverware…Decorations should also incorporate the lighting, colors, floral, and special standout decor items. Visualizing the entire quest experience through their 5 senses is imperative to a successful decor plan. You may have heard about scent marketing or if not, soon you will! The sense of smell holds so much power over our perception of experiences. For example, if someone smells bakery as they walk into a store they’re likely to spend more money than if they didn’t smell anything at all. In addition choosing scents that trigger good memories can work wonders on peoples minds and even make them feel better.

3) Decide on Your Guest List
First, you’ll need to decide how many people you want at your party. Keep in mind that too many guests will make it hard for you to keep track of them all, and having too few guests can make for a boring get-together. Generally, you should have a relevant tid-bit of information about each of your guests that you can share when introducing your guests to each other. No more than 20% of your guest list should be VIPs. If possible, try to get some A-listers on your list—they tend to bring excitement and positive energy with them wherever they go.

4) Create Party Invitations
Before inviting your guests over, you’ll want to create customized party invitations for them. If you’re looking for a more professional invitation, you can purchase a template from a company such as Etsy or Creative Market. Custom Invitations with hand written envelopes tend to garner a much higher response rate. It is imperative to send any last minute directions and reminder of the event via text when appropriate. By sending reminders out ahead of time, it minimizes last minute calls for directions and forgotten invites.

5) Plan The Menu
Planning a menu for a party is actually easier than you may think. Look at your party location and decide whether you want finger foods or a more formal meal. If you’re hosting it in your home, you can make small versions of regular meals like burgers, salads and steaks. If it’s a larger event, then stick with finger foods that are easy to pick up and eat: chips & dip, skewers with fruit or vegetables and fancy little sandwiches on miniature baguettes. If you are limited in floor space, passed appetizers is the best way to manage food quantities and minimize the need for fixed table stations.

6) Consider the Music Style
Music can be a powerful mood setter and in a party setting it’s even more important. So whether you’re hosting a baby shower or simply pre-gaming before going out on Saturday night, consider your music choice with care. Your guests will remember how they felt when they left your celebration more than anything else—and that won’t change whether you’re celebrating at home or out and about. Don’t be afraid to adjust your music genre/speed throughout your event.

7) Sprinkle in the WOW Factor
How do you make your event memorable? The answer: By sprinkling in the WOW factor. To bring your event activities up to EPIC status, think about what matters most to your guests: Parties are all about having fun and socializing – but that doesn’t mean you can’t add some festive flare. Surprising your guests with a special backdrop, an entertainer who starts roaming around the room, light up ice cubes, a small fireworks display. Do not overdo it however! All you need is one signature item that makes guests say “WOW!”

Photo Credit: @CharlotteSimpson via Twenty20


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