5 Important KPI’s of Event Sponsorships

When you’re looking for a company to sponsor your event or product line, there are plenty of factors to consider:

What budget do you have available? What ROI can you expect from this investment? How will this help my business grow?

When deciding which companies to work with, make sure they can meet your KPIs (key performance indicators). In order to ensure that they deliver on their promises, ask questions about their previous successes and what types of companies would be best suited for their services. The last thing you want is to spend money on something that won’t benefit your business!

Here are some examples of KPIs when considering a sponsorship:

Actual Product Sales

How many people will buy the products because of the sponsorship?


Number of Authentic Emails/Mobile Numbers Obtained

How many emails/phone numbers will be obtained through the sponsorship? These are important because they allow you to send out personalized messages and make sales easier!


Brand Upleveling

Be the smallest Company in the Room – How much exposure can we get by working with this company? Will it put us on the map like we need it to?


Content Generation

How much content can we expect them to generate for us based on our needs? Will it be worth our while or just fluff filler material that doesn’t actually get us any attention or sales?


Number of Brand Impressions

How many times will people see my brand name mentioned throughout all communication channels such as social media posts, emails, etc.? This helps me track how popular my brand is becoming throughout this process!


Social Media Engagement

How many people will engage with my brand via social media posts about this sponsorship? This indicates whether or not people care about what we have to say about this company; if there’s no engagement then maybe we should look elsewhere for better results!

When you’re looking for some new customers who will remember your brand fondly, then let us do the heavy lifting while you sit back and enjoy the benefits! We’ll provide you with real event opportunities to help gather emails and phone numbers so that you can start building relationships right away. Not only that, but we’ll even negotiate the best custom sponsorship removing the fluff and executing the highest ROI for your investment boosting your company’s overall image and sales! And if all that wasn’t enough already, we’ll also help you create awesome content pieces to keep people talking about your brand long after their initial contact! So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today and find out how easy it can be to maximize ROI with Experience Epic Events!  Click here to coordinate an Exploration Call at your convenience!


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