The Key to Sponsorship Success: How to Stand Out and Get the Most Out of Your Sponsorships

Sponsorships are one of the most powerful marketing tools you have in your arsenal – and if used properly, they can work wonders to help you grow your business. However, they also can be one of the hardest things to approach – especially if you haven’t done it before or if you aren’t sure how to go about it. Here are 5 tips on how to stand out when executing sponsorship activations and get the most out of your marketing investment.

1. Get yourself in front of the right demographic
Identifying the right demographic for your company and matching with the right event can be a game changer for your sponsorship success. If you’re not sure which event is the right one, start by thinking about what type of attendee would match with your ideal client. For example, if you’re a local boutique that specializes in clothing and lifestyle accessories for surfers, then a surf competition or beach-front event in town may be just the place for you!

2.  Offer them something epic
Every sponsorship has to engage the attendee with something EPIC. Here are some ideas for getting the most out of your sponsorships:
-Provide a giveaway to attendees
-Ask attendees to complete an action item in order to win a prize, like following you on social media or tagging their friends in a post
These types of “What’s in it for me” initiatives will drive you towards your sponsorship KPI’s. Whether you are looking for social media momentum, driving sales, or building a stronger database (just to name a few), the “carrot” that you dangle has to be intriguing and speak to the curiosity of the targeted demographic.

3.  Always be prepared!
There is nothing worse than showing up to a sponsorship activation realizing you didn’t have something you needed. Have a list of items to always have with you, such as extra batteries for your camera or phone, snacks, water bottles, and any other necessary items. It’s also good to have a backup plan in case you need something that wasn’t on your list.

4.  Build relationships with influencers
Events are a great place to network with ideal partnering companies and influencers. Take advantage of all opportunities to talk with them and get to know them better. It’s essential to develop a relationship before you ask for a future sponsorship relationship (if you want it to be authentic). Plus, it’s nice when you already have something in common! Understanding who all is involved and attending the event (usually you can obtain from the event organizers) will help you in spending your time effectively while at the event.

5.  Think experiential and interactive
Sponsoring a sporting event, concert or corporate event can be a great way for companies to make money by getting their name in front of lots of people. But it’s not just about plastering your logo everywhere. You need to get creative with how you present yourself as a company so that your sponsorship stands out from the rest. If the event is at a sports stadium, have signage and branding throughout the facility. If there is an after party following the game, host it in your VIP suite or use promotional items like t-shirts or koozies signed by the team that feature your company logo on them. Make sure attendees are aware of what they will be receiving if they buy tickets to come see you sponsor the event! For an artist performance, provide a branded USB drive with pictures and videos from unreleased performances on them. Just a few fun ideas!

For companies looking for sponsorship opportunities OR Events looking for sponsors, please contact our VP of Sponsorship Activations and Development, Debra Caicedo at


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