Get Ready! Last Minute New Years Eve Party Planning

If you’re like most people, you’ve already given up on getting ready for New Years Eve, and are looking to throw together something quickly before the countdown begins on December 31st. If you haven’t given up completely, then don’t worry – we have some great tips on how to get your party planning done with time to spare! Here are some ideas to keep in mind as you prepare last minute New Years Eve party planning tips.

1) 10 Days Before
Shop for decorations. Christmas lights work especially well as festive string lights. If you don’t have a large party space, hang them on a wall near your entertainment area. Streamers are another great way to spruce up any space—drape them from above or gather them laissez faire along any windowsills in your home. Craft stores also sell temporary wall coverings that can turn an ordinary room into a space fit for hosting a memorable party.

2) 1 Week Before
Get your house in order and make sure it’s clean, tidy, and presentable. Anything you want guests to see should be picked up or tucked away.
Define your menu, song list and beverage plan. Important questions to ask yourself: Will you be serving a signature cocktail themed for your NYE Party or will you be providing a full liquor bar? Will you be having passed appetizers or a stationary display? Will you have a champagne toast for the new year?

3) The Night Before
Review your timeline and insure that all of your materials and supplies you need are on site. Make any last minute requests of friends and guests this evening.
All your decorations should be in place. and MAKE SURE to leave yourself enough time to get ready. We always make sure that our events are fully ready 1 hour before guests arrive. This extra hour gives us a cushion of time in case something needs some extra attention.

4) The Day of the Party
Once you have a plan of action, don’t change it. Make sure to leave yourself lots of time to get ready if you’re doing something fancy (like dressing up or spending time on your hair and makeup). Have everything you need out, labeled and accessible—for example, if you plan on having punch at your party, then have bottles of water chilling in ice nearby as well.

Photo Credit:@lesrallizesdenudes via Twenty20


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