Top 5 Event Planning Trends to Keep Your Event Unique in 2022

With hundreds of thousands of events held every year, it’s no wonder that making your event stand out has become increasingly difficult. But if you’re planning your 2022 event now, you can set yourself apart from other planners by utilizing these five trends in event planning that are sure to attract customers, generate buzz, and increase your bottom line over the next year and beyond. Here are the top five trends you should take advantage of this year to help create your one-of-a-kind event in 2022!

1) Video

The value of an event planner is often associated with their ability to provide a unique experience, attract participants and meet goals. However, today’s event planners must offer much more than that – they must deliver a truly immersive experience for attendees. That starts with planning long before the first guest arrives at your next conference or gala. In order to ensure that your next event stands out from competitors, here are some trends you should consider.

2) Guest Experiences

It’s becoming more and more common for event planners to allow guests to add on extra experiences that go above and beyond a simple conference or product demonstration. Examples of these could include exclusive meals, VIP seating, or a meet-and-greet with an influential speaker or performer. This trend will definitely continue over into 2022 and there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider implementing it in your next meeting.

3)  Personalization

When planning an event, add personalization so that attendees will be able to feel like they have a deeper connection with you and your brand. Make sure that all of your contacts are aware of and involved in every aspect of planning, including event collateral and social media. This strategy makes it easier for them to become advocates for your event, increasing brand awareness. It also means they will have a vested interest in returning year after year; consider creating incentives and rewards that encourage attendance at future events.

4) Meetings As An Experience

The fundamental shift towards meetings as an experience is one that we’re already seeing materialize in many places, whether it be a team-building event for employees or a customer visit to your headquarters. These events are meant not only to keep them informed but give attendees an idea of who you are and what you stand for. By making visitors feel welcome, valued, and entertained, these types of events will set you apart from your competitors – providing opportunities for brand building and strengthening relationships.

5) Mobile Devices To Increase Engagement And Information Flows

With more and more consumers carrying mobile devices (primarily smartphones), it’s important for event planners to ensure that their events are engaging and responsive from a mobile device perspective. For example, exhibitors should make their websites mobile-friendly or use third-party apps like PocketLife, which provides instant access to event information from your smartphone or tablet.



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